Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's brine deposits seems inexhaustible and lie dormant at different depths under the earth. The natural remedy brine is however only brought to light in a few places in our state.

The pure, salty water is a remnant of the primordial sea that has been waiting for millions of years at a depth of several hundred metres to be used as a health-giving and warming wet. Brine contains more than 1.5% common salt. It is used in brine water baths, for ablutions and in packs or for exercise therapy in brine water, for inhalation and for drinking cures. Doctors attest to the elixir's excellent healing properties, especially for respiratory diseases, skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynaecological complaints and cardiovascular disorders. In the seaside spa of Heringsdorf, iodine brine is used for drinking, for inhalations, in the exercise pool and for other balneological applications as a recognised medicinal product. Waren's thermal brine is also prepared for the prevention, alleviation and healing of illnesses in tub baths, with varying concentrations of brine.

  • Heringsdorf iodine brine from 408 m depth of > 40.5 g/litre iodine brine, temperature 11 - 17°C
  • Waren thermal brine from 1,550 m depth of 158 g/litre dissolved solids (approx. 14% brine), temperature 63°C)
  • Binzer thermal brine from a depth of 1,222 m, iodine- and fluoride-containing brine with more than 20 equivalent% calcium, 32°C to 34°C in the thermal baths
  • Putbus thermal brine, Goor bathhouse from 685 m depth, iodine- and fluoride-containing brine in the brine motion pool at 30°C and in the brine warm-up pool at 34°C

Brine bath
The buoyancy in a brine bath is particularly high, so the body is greatly relieved. This has a beneficial effect on joints and muscles, e.g. in the case of rheumatic diseases.

Brine inhalation
With inhalation, the brine is sprayed and inhaled. The resulting moistening of the mucous membranes promotes the self-cleaning mechanism of the respiratory tract and thus better breathing.

Brine drinking cure
A drinking cure involves drinking the naturally occurring water from medicinal springs. It is prescribed by the local spa doctor, because he knows the concentration of the effective mineral components and can thus determine the quantity, time distribution and temperature of the healing water that is suitable for the individual state of health.