CHALK CHALK - impressive cliffs with healing powers

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is proud of its «white gold», the coast, as this is also how the Rügen healing chalk is referred to. Finely ground, a snow-white powder from calcium carbonate, which can relieve pain, purifies the skin, warms the body, purges and all at the same time still conjures up a delicate skin.

Grown over 70 million years from the calcareous remains of various marine organisms, it appears impressively in the form of the chalk cliff between Sassnitz and the Königsstuhl. It is the only organically grown and mineralised sedimentary rock on earth. Due to its good storage capacity for heat and cold, chalk has a healing effect on rheumatic and inflammatory diseases of the joints as well as skin diseases. Chalk baths serve to improve the general condition. As early as 1910, well-heeled guests used the Rügen healing chalk in the Sassnitz bathhouse for cures.

Rügen healing chalk is approved as a medical product for external use and is subject to regular quality controls in accordance with the Medical Products Act. It is used for muscle and joint complaints to various skin problems, in the form of baths, packs, masks or peelings. Rügen healing chalk is also excellently suited for the wellness and cosmetics sector. Due to the fineness of the material and the velvety soft feeling on the skin, the healing chalk applications are a special and sensual experience. They stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation and have a positive effect on the overall well-being.

The raw chalk used to produce Rügen healing chalk comes from the Promoisel open-cast chalk mine on the Jasmund peninsula in the north of the island of Rügen. Only a very small part of the chalk mined in this open-cast mine is processed into medicinal chalk. The much larger quantities are used in various branches of industry.

(Chalk = 98% calcium carbonate, 2% silicon, magnesium, phosphorus, aluminium, iron and iodine).