Kneipp spa resorts

Kneipp health resorts play a special role in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Spa landscape, particularly if they are located directly at the Baltic Sea and the influence of the sea provides additional positive effects. In about 1855 in Feldberg, the cornerstone for hydrotherapy was laid in our state with the hydropathic spas at the inland lakes of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The quality characteristics of a Kneipp resort include +

a) various facilities for carrying out scientifically recognised hydrotherapeutic treatments, in particular according to Kneipp, in at least three Spa facilities with in-patient facilities,

b) scientifically recognised and experientially proven climatic qualities and a corresponding air quality, which are monitored,

c) at least one spa doctor’s practice,

d) supervision by physical therapists, physiotherapists, or people with permission to use the professional title "massage therapist and medical pool attendant",

e) spa gardens, games, sports and sunbathing areas sufficiently undisturbed by traffic, as well as forests with marked trails for terrain treatments,

f) dietary advice during the spa time; the employment of at least one dietician in hospitals and dietary cuisine.