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Health spas

Spas are clean, modern resorts, with a historical centre for well-being. Natural, scientifically recognised and proven local remedies for therapeutic purposes and a high degree of medical expertise are the basic conditions for their recognition. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has a mud spa, a brine spa and a location with a peloid spa.

Health spa - the quality characteristics include öffnen

a) the availability of natural, scientifically recognised remedies of the earth which are experientially proven,

b) at least one spa doctor’s practice,

c) climatic properties and air quality, which are monitored in accordance with meteorological and air hygienic standards and support the health and recreation possibilities,

d) facilities for the provision and application of remedies

e) spa gardens, games, sports and sunbathing areas sufficiently undisturbed by traffic, as well as forests with marked trails for terrain treatments,

f) dietary advice during the spa time; the employment of at least one dietician in hospitals and dietary cuisine.

g) communication and information equipment.

Source: Law on the recognition as a spa and health resort in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Spa Act)

Location: Bad Doberan, Waren (Müritz)

Steam Train »Molli«

Bad Doberan spa resort

The Bad Doberan health resort entices visitors with plenty of fresh air, a hilly and wooded landscape, and the Baltic Sea 6 km away.


Waren (Müritz)

Waren (Müritz)

The Spa Waren (Müritz) is located on the northern shore of the 117 km² large »Müritz«, the largest inland lake in Germany, as well as on the edge of the countryside paradise of the »Müritz National Park«.


Bad Sülze park

Bad Sülze

Bad Sülze is the oldest brine- and moorbath in northern Germany.

The modern rehabilitation clinic offered natural moor.