Bad Sülze

Bad Sülze, the oldest brine and mud bath in Northern Germany, offers patients and outpatients modern spa medicine with its rehabilitation clinic.

The Medianklinik, newly opened in 1993 as a specialist clinic, invites you to feel good all round. Only a few clinics in Germany can offer tub baths in the healing, local salt-soaked natural moor like the Medianklinik Bad Sülze. The freshly pricked moor enables a circulation-friendly and thus also for older patients tolerable overheating therapy, which also reaches poorly supplied with blood such as joints. Near the clinic, the spa gardens also invite you to relax. The annual festival of the dahlia, during which up to 400 varieties in over 5,000 perennials decorate the town, attracts many visitors to Bad Sülze.

Important note: no public brine and mud baths are available for visitors and guests!


Saline 9
18334 Bad Sülze


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