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Seaside resorts

The seaside resorts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are modern, clean places, with variously defined seaside character and maritime charm. They stand for recreation through sun, beach and sea. 25 seaside resorts are state accredited. In addition to those depicted, there are still more, such as:
Ostseebad Baabe, Seebad Breege, Seebad Insel Hiddensee, Seebad Karlshagen, Seebad Loddin, Seebad Lubmin,Ostseebad Nienhagen, Ostseebad Insel Poel, Ostseebad Sellin, Ostseebad Thiessow, Seebad Trassenheide, Seebad Ückeritz, Ostseebad Wustrow, Seebad Zempin

The quality characteristics of a seaside resort include öffnen

a) being situated on the sea coast; the centre is in principle no more than two kilometres from the coast line,

b) climatic properties and air quality, which are monitored and support the health and recreation possibilities,

c) at least one doctor's practice

d) proper bathing water quality at a well-kept and guarded beach, which is monitored,

e) beach promenades, parks as well as beach or countryside paths sufficiently undisturbed by traffic, opportunities for games and sport.


Ahrenshoop Baltic Seaside Resort

Located between the sea and the bodden in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, Ahrenshoop will appeal to nature and art lovers alike. 


Koserow Baltic Seaside Resort

Koserow is located at the narrowest point of the island of Usedom, idyllically situated between the Baltic Sea and the Achterwasser lagoon. The central location of our Baltic seaside resort makes it easy to explore the »amber« baths and the whole island of Usedom. 



Göhren Baltic Seaside Resort

The third largest seaside resort on the popular holiday island of Rügen, which is also a certified Kneipp spa, is located in the centre of the lovely Mönchgut peninsula, in the middle of the south-east Rügen biosphere reserve.



Prerow Baltic Seaside Resort

Surrounded by the unspoiled Darß Forest, Prerow stretches along the Baltic Sea. The white, fine sandy, and gently sloping beach offers a relaxing bathing experience for young and old alike.



Rerik Baltic Seaside Resort

A former fishing village with wildly romantic cliffs. Family holiday? Rerik has been a popular family destination for decades: a peaceful lagoon and romantic beaches offer the ideal natural conditions for fun and adventure for young and old holiday-makers alike.



Warnemünde Baltic Seaside Resort (from Diedrichshagen to Markgrafenheide)

Wide sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, jagged and wildly romantic cliffs, and vast forests right by the waterfront.


The pier

Zinnowitz Baltic Seaside Resort

The 705-year-old Zinnowitz, with more than 160 years of history as a spa resort, is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the island of Usedom.



Ueckermünde Seaside Resort

The seaside resort of Ueckermünde is the most north-eastern port city in Germany and looks back on over 750 years of history. The resort enjoys a tradition dating back to the year 1925, when citizens founded the »charitable bathing association».


Beach Dierhagen

Dierhagen Baltic Seaside Resort

Dierhagen Baltic seaside resort... at any time of year. In the Dierhagen Baltic seaside resort, located at the entrance to the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula, guests will find the ideal place for a stimulating yet relaxing holiday right by the sea. 


Seaside Resort Lubmin

The former fishing and farming village Lubmin is the only seaside resort at the Greifswalder Bodden. Lubmin attracts attention as a secret holiday destination for every season.


Binz Baltic Seaside Resort

Binz on the island of Rügen, known for its white seaside resort architecture, has long stood for nature, pleasure, and well-being. A day at seaside is pure relaxation.



Seaside Resort Altefähr

The Baltic Seaside Resort is located on Altefähr Stralsund Strelasund opposite bank of which separates the island of Rügen from the mainland Vorpommern.


Baltic Seaside Resort Kühlungsborn

The largest Baltic Sea resort in Mecklenburg impresses with its distinctive atmosphere and a 4 km-long promenade, which guarantees unobstructed views of the sea.