Seaside resorts

The seaside resorts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are modern, clean places, with variously defined seaside character and maritime charm. They stand for recreation through sun, beach and sea. 26 seaside resorts are state accredited. In addition to those depicted, there are still more, such as:
Seaside resort Baabe, Seaside resort Breege, Seaside resort Dierhagen, Seaside resort Insel Hiddensee, Seaside resort Karlshagen, Seaside resort Loddin, Seaside resort Nienhagen, Seaside resort Insel Poel, Seaside resort Mönchgut, Seaside resort Trassenheide, Seaside resort Ückeritz and Seaside resort Zempin

The quality characteristics of a seaside resort include +

a) being situated on the sea coast; the centre is in principle no more than two kilometres from the coast line,

b) climatic properties and air quality, which are monitored and support the health and recreation possibilities,

c) at least one doctor's practice

d) proper bathing water quality at a well-kept and guarded beach, which is monitored,

e) beach promenades, parks as well as beach or countryside paths sufficiently undisturbed by traffic, opportunities for games and sport.

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