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Seaside health spas

In the seven seaside health spas of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which are characterised by a stylish and romantic flair, Thalassotherapy (sea treatment) and rehabilitation clinics are offered all year round. They have a traditional seaside character with maritime charm, from cosy fishermen's houses to the spa architecture.

The quality characteristics of a seaside health spa include öffnen

a) being situated on the sea coast; the centre is in principle no more than two kilometres from the coast line,

b) scientifically recognised and experientially proven, therapeutically applicable climate and a corresponding air quality, which are monitored,

c) at least one spa doctor’s practice,

d) facilities for the provision and application of spa treatments,

e) proper bathing water quality at a well-kept and guarded beach, which is monitored,

f) beach promenades, parks as well as beach or countryside paths sufficiently undisturbed by traffic, opportunities for games and sport.

g) dietary advice during the spa time; the employment of at least one dietician in hospitals and dietary cuisine.

h) communication and information facility.

The Rhododendron park

Graal-Müritz Baltic seaside health resort

The Graal-Müritz Baltic seaside health resort is located right on the Baltic Sea beach, just 20 km from Rostock, surrounded by the forests and moors of the Rostock Heath. It has a special bio-climate thanks to the combination of forest and sea air.


Zingst Baltic seaside health resort

The Zingst Baltic seaside health resort looks back on a long spa tradition. It is the youngest seaside health resort on our coast. The town is dominated by spa culture and the captain's houses still bear witness to a great seafaring tradition.


Boltenhagen Baltic seaside resort

5 km-long sandy beach, crystal-clear waters, and imposing cliffs make the Boltenhagen resort a unique holiday destination on the Baltic Sea: a holiday for the soul for anyone who comes here. 




The seaside health resort of Heiligendamm, a district of Bad Doberan, is the oldest German seaside resort; it was founded in 1793 by the Duke of Mecklenburg, Friedrich Franz I.


Ahlbeck Baltic health resort

From fishing village to Imperial spa: Ahlbeck had only just been discovered as a seaside summer health resort in 1852 when the town, now the easternmost seaside health resort on the island of Usedom, welcomed its first guests.



Heringsdorf seaside health resort

By founding the »AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT ZU SEEBAD HERINGSDORF« in 1872, Hugo Delbrück laid the foundation for the development of this seaside resort into a world-famous spa town.



Bansin seaside resort

»Small but superb« is the slogan of this seaside resort founded in 1897. This seaside resort, one of the youngest on the Baltic coast, is the only one of the »three Imperial spas« that did not originate as a fishing village.