Health is our topic!

Because: »This is where cheerfulness invites you after a healthy «. This is how the oldest seaside resort in Germany, Heiligendamm, has been attracting guests for over 220 years. Today, this saying is synonymous with all 72 state-approved spa and recreation resorts in the country. Health-conscious guests looking for relaxation will find all the possibilities to harmonise body, mind and soul in our state, which is pampered by nature, steeped in tradition and yet modern. The range of health-related offers is being expanded with the development of spa and medicinal forests. The aim is to make use of the advantages of the forest with its biological diversity and the associated positive effects on health.

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The health-promoting effect of the forest has long been underestimated. Lungs, the locomotor system and the psyche experience their gentle therapy in the forest. Since 2013, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Spa Association has been contributing to the development of healing forests and cure forests. Through a legal anchoring in the state forest law Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, healing forests and cure forests enjoy comprehensive protection in our state. Stays in healing forests can be accompanied by trained forest therapists.