Presidium of the M-V Spas Association

Our Presidium is responsible for the strategic management of the federation. It consists of 8 members: the president, his two deputies with equal rights, the treasurer and 4 other members. Regular meetings of the Presidium take place for a constructive exchange.

Here you can find the members.

Ulrich Langer - President 

Managing Director of tourism, leisure and culture GmbH baltic seaside resort Kühlungsborn

Norbert Möller - Deputy President 

Mayor of the town of Health spa Waren (Müritz)

Dr. Dirk Gramsch - Deputy President 

Managing Director of the mother/father/child facility Ostsee-Kurklinik Fischland GmbH in the baltic seaside resort of Wustrow

Jörn Fenske - Treasurer 

Spa Director Kneipp-Health spa and baltic seaside resort Göhren

Constance von Buchwaldt - committee member

Mayor of the town Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Beate Hlawa - committee member 

Head of Marketing/PR & Sales and authorised signatory at the Rostock & Warnemünde Tourist Office 

Matthias Brath - committee member 

Managing Director of the cure- and tourism GmbH seaside health resort Zingst

Thomas Heilmann - committee member 

Spa Director of the Kaiserbäder Island Usedom