Heringsdorf Island Clinic «Haus Kulm»

Specialist clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
The therapeutic concept of the clinic is based on a holistic, integrative approach.

The basis of our actions is a bio-psychosocial model of disease, from which the weighting of somatic, psychological and social influencing factors has an effect on the course of the disease, as well as on the process of recovery. An individual treatment plan is designed for each patient, which takes into account the influencing factors mentioned. Our approach is goal-oriented and resource-based and requires the active participation of the patient as well as transparency of the diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

In the treatment programme, various «orthodox» medical and psychotherapeutic procedures are combined in a meaningful way. Special therapy options: Whole-body cryotherapy at -110°C and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO).


Heringsdorf Island Clinic «Haus Kulm»
Kulmstraße 9
17424 Ostseebad Heringsdorf


✆   004938378 59130
@   info[at]kulm.medigreif-inselklinikum.de

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List of indications +





Psychosomatic diseases




Performances +
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient care in the specialist hospital treatment department
  • Offers for self-payers
  • Speciality: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and whole-body cold therapy
Admission of patients +

004938378 59100

Patient rooms and beds +

125 single rooms

Equipment of the house +

We are happy to welcome you in one of our 125 single rooms with fridge, TV, lounge chair and private bathroom incl. shower. Our rooms range in size from 16 - 35 sqm2. Our facility has, among other features:

  • a swimming pool
  • a sauna
  • fitness rooms
  • a library
  • a cinema
  • a billiard room
  • an in-house cafeteria

You like it more comfortable? If you would like to book a comfort room, please contact our staff.

Service and specialities +

Incorporating the natural healing powers of the environment, we offer the following therapeutic specialities:

  • Whole body cold therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Thalasso and exercise therapies as well as Nordic walking on the beach
  • Cure and healing forest

We are happy to offer an in-house shuttle service to and from public transport for your arrival and departure.

Diagnostics +
  • Exercise ECG
  • body plethysmography and other echocardiography
  • small lung function
  • long-term ECG
  • long-term blood pressure measurement
  • test psychological examination systems
  • Laboratory diagnostics
Therapy offers +
  • Consultative and informative medical consultations/medical treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Art and design therapy
  • Dance therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy/sport and movement therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Social therapy
  • Thalassotherapy
  • Information seminars

Special therapy options:

Whole-body cold therapy at -110°C and oxygen overpressure therapy (HBO) if indicated (e.g. acute tinnitus/hearing loss; migraine; fibromyalgia syndrome).

Special quality features +
  • Whole-body cryotherapy at -110°C and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO)
  • Hospital department for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
Transport connections +

By Train:
For the sake of the environment, we recommend that you travel by train. Travel comfortably by using the Hermes luggage service and our free shuttle service from Heringsdorf station to the clinic.

By car:
If you are travelling by car, our new video-monitored clinic car park is available to you for a fee.