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Our clinic is dedicated to the rehabilitative treatment of elderly people. Since 2008, one focus of our activities has been the treatment of elderly stroke patients.

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In addition to the actual main diagnosis (e.g. stroke, hip joint surgery), it is particularly important to take into account the often large number of other concomitant diseases (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

The aim of geriatric rehabilitation is to enable patients to lead a self-determined life at home again and to reduce disabilities or age-related impairments.

For most of our patients, improving mobility, i.e. walking, is at the forefront of their rehabilitation goals. But also the training of activities that were so self-evident in younger years, such as standing up alone, washing, dressing, eating, can contribute to an increased independence in everyday life and thus to an improvement of the quality of life.


Tessinum Therapiezentrum
Karl-Marx-Straße 16
18195 Tessin


✆   004938205 710
@   therapiezentrum[at]tessinum.de

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List of indications +



Follow-up treatment


Geriatric diseases




Performances +
  • Follow-up treatment (AHB)
  • Rehabilitation within the framework of "rehabilitation before care
  • Self-payer
  • The rehabilitation potential is decisive for the admission of patients with nursing degrees.
Admission of patients +

004938205 710

Patient rooms and beds +

70 beds in 14 single and 28 double rooms

Equipment of the house +
  • spacious facilities
  • WLAN in selected areas
  • modern therapy rooms and equipment

As a geriatric clinic, the facility specialises in the rehabilitation of very old, multimorbid patients. Therapy rooms for circuit training on various devices, a relaxation room, extensive diagnostic services (such as sonography, EEG, EMG) are available.

Service and specialities +

The patients are picked up from the hospital, if necessary also from home, and driven home after completion of the rehabilitation measure. The decisive factor for the admission of patients with nursing degrees is the rehabilitation potential.