MEDIAN Clinic Kühlungsborn

The MEDIAN Clinic Kühlungsborn is a specialist clinic for inpatient preventive care and rehabilitation, which has specialised in the comprehensive treatment of women. The focus is on psychosomatic rehabilitation and mother-child cures. The focus is always on the family situation; there is also a wide range of offers for accompanying children in rehabilitation.

With its special women-specific concept, the MEDIAN Clinic Kühlungsborn offers female patients with psychosomatic clinical pictures a competent place to go. The causes of psychosomatic illnesses in women are manifold and, in addition to their individual life histories and specific somatic aspects, are strongly dependent on societal and social conditions and values. Due to the complex network of causes of a psychosomatic illness, doctors from various disciplines, psychotherapists, social physicians, occupational and social therapists as well as physiotherapists and sports therapists work together across disciplines with the common goal of restoring the independence and self-determination of the patients in their professional and everyday lives. In order to give mothers in particular the opportunity to undergo inpatient rehabilitation, the Ostseeklinik Kühlungsborn offers to take children along as accompanying children. During rehabilitation, the children are comprehensively cared for in the clinic's own kindergarten and school.

The MEDIAN Clinic Kühlungsborn is characterised on the one hand by its particularly beautiful location and the health-promoting climate on the Baltic Sea. The beach is only a few minutes away.

In addition, we have specialised completely in the treatment of women:

  • Psychosomatic rehabilitation for women
  • Psychosomatic rehabilitation for women with accompanying children
  • Mother-child measures

Within the framework of our rehabilitation measures, there is integrated preparation for professional and everyday life after inpatient rehabilitation.


MEDIAN Klinik Kühlungsborn
Waldstraße 51
18225 Ostseebad Kühlungsborn


✆   004938293 870
@   kontakt.kuehlungsborn[at]

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List of indications +



Psychosomatic diseases


Performances +
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Inpatient mother-child measures
Patient admission +

004938293 87439 (mother-child cures, psychosomatic rehabilitation with accompanying child)
004938293 87403 (psychosomatic cure without accompanying child)

Patient rooms and beds +
  • 59 single rooms
  • 57 flats with separate children's bedrooms, pantry kitchen, baby call system



Equipment of the house +
  • Phone
  • WI-FI
  • Cafeteria
  • MTT Room
  • Ergometer room
  • Sports Field
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna area
  • Patient car park
  • Children's playground
Service and specialities +
  • Direct beach location
  • Admission of accompanying children and comprehensive childcare in the clinic's own kindergarten with school substitute lessons
Transport connections +

To Bad Doberan and on with the historic steam train «Molli».


  • From Berlin via the A19 to the Rostock motorway junction. Then take the A20 towards Lübeck until you reach the Kühlungsborn/Kröpelin exit. Follow the signs for Kühlungsborn.
  • From Hamburg/Lübeck, take the A20 to the Kühlungsborn/ Kröpelin exit. There, also follow the signs to Kühlungsborn.