Baltic Sea Clinic Zingst

The Ostseeklinik Zingst is a spa and specialised clinic for prevention and rehabilitation of parents with children (from 1 year). The clinic is situated in a marvellous location right by the sea.

It treats respiratory diseases, psychosomatic illnesses, skin diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and obesity. In addition, the Ostseeklinik Zingst, on the peninsula of the same name between Rostock and Rügen, is qualified in the treatment of AD(H)S (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and developmental disorders in children.

With around 20 kilometres of stone-free beach, an idyllic coastline and the pure sea air, our clinic is located directly in the area where the salty aerosols of the sea have an effect, which is important for treatment. The Ostseeklinik Zingst was opened in 1994 and is characterised by its modern architecture, tasteful and friendly interior design and spacious outdoor facilities.

Arrive, take a deep breath, recharge your batteries - a mother-father-child cure at the Ostseeklinik Zingst is your time! Here you can let go of the stress of everyday life and be good to yourself again.

We are proud to have integrated the first children's circus project in Germany with its pedagogical possibilities into the holistic therapy concept and to be able to offer it. The Ostseeklinik is leading the way by incorporating circus therapy elements into the children's therapy programme. Circus techniques such as juggling, acrobatics, clowning, unicycling and fakir arts promote children in the most diverse areas of their development. The circus for children and young people offers a wide range of opportunities to


Baltic Sea Clinic Zingst
Neue Straminke 1
18374 Zingst


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List of indications +




Respiratory diseases



Dermatological diseases



Orthopaedic diseases



Psychosomatic diseases



Performances +

Specialist clinic for prevention & rehabilitation of parents and children:

  • Prevention
  • rehabilitation
  • inpatient
Admission of patients +

004938232 87413

Patient rooms and beds +

Patient rooms:
126 flats + 6 holiday flats for families

Patient beds:

Equipment of the house +

The clinic offers a total of 126 tastefully furnished accommodations for one parent with up to three children as well as outdoor flats with plenty of space for one parent with up to 5 children. All rooms are suitable for allergy sufferers and have separate rooms for parents and children, TV and telephone, bathroom with shower and a hallway with wardrobe. In addition, there are 6 further family flats approx. 2 km from the Ostseeklinik.

Common rooms:
Washing machines and dryers as well as well-equipped kitchenettes are available. Particular emphasis was placed on a generous design when furnishing the clinic - the large playground is a real paradise for children. A swimming pool, a fitness room and a multi-purpose sports ground are available for sporting activities. The facilities also include a teaching kitchen and a café with a kiosk. Barbecue and fire pits are also available depending on the season.

Service and specialities +

We accept parents with children and families. Our clinic offers excursions, handicrafts and creative activities, exercise and fitness programmes, special seasonal activities such as Secret Santa School, family programmes in the circus tent and much more besides. Childcare is available from 08.00 to 15.00.

Free of charge:

  • TV
  • baby monitor
  • Iron
  • Study time supervision
  • Use of the fitness and ergometer room
  • bottled water
  • Fresh fruit daily
  • Use of the swimming pool
Diagnostics +
  • ECG
  • Ergometry
Therapy offers +
  • Physiotherapy
    • Hydrojet massage and heat treatments
    • Headache/migraine therapy
    • Marnitz therapy
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Reflexology
    • Medical baths
    • Spinal gymnastics
    • Water gymnastics
    • Pelvic floor exercises
    • Brine inhalation
    • Kneipp irrigation
  • Sports therapy
    • Asthma sport
    • Obesity sport
    • Nordic walking
    • Endurance training
    • Parent-child sport
    • functional training for fathers
    • Grief
    • Smoking cessation
    • Relaxation techniques (yoga)
  • Lectures and seminars
    • Asthma training
    • Neurodermatitis training
    • Obesity training
    • Infection susceptibility training
    • Lecture on climate therapy
    • Speech therapy
  • creative therapy
    • Individualised art therapy for adults and children
    • Parent-child interaction
    • painting relaxation
    • age-appropriate creative support in childcare
    • creative leisure activities for parents and children to discover new hobbies and ways to relax
    • Mindfulness training for parents with small children
  • Nutritional therapy
    • Nutritional counselling
    • Low-allergen diet
    • Omission diet
    • Low-cholesterol diet
    • Diabes diet
    • Basic gastroenterological diet
    • Reduction diet
  • Circus therapy (The Ostseeklinik Zingst is the first parent-child facility in Germany to integrate a children's circus project with its educational and therapeutic possibilities into integrative child therapy and parent-child interaction).
    • Acrobatics
    • juggling
    • Fakir arts
    • clowning
    • pantomime
    • Music/Dance
    • Mask and puppet shows
Special quality features +

The Ostseeklinik Zingst is the first parent-child facility in Germany to integrate a children's circus project with its educational and therapeutic possibilities into integrative paediatric therapy and parent-child interaction.
Children with special challenges in terms of their physical and/or social development are cared for and trained together with healthy children in circus therapy. Integration and inclusion, which is often still difficult in everyday life (usually at school), is achieved playfully and easily here, almost «on the side». In circus therapy, the children develop a wide range of motor, psychological, social and emotional skills. The focus here is on having fun and enjoying movement and play, without particularly emphasising the educational and therapeutic work. This is particularly valuable for children who are tired of therapy and school.
The therapeutic circus concept includes work in various circus techniques for all children from the age of 4 in the childcare groups and parent-child circus therapy for mothers/fathers and children from the age of 6, particularly those with a diagnosis of interaction disorder and ADHD.

Catering +
  • wholefood
  • vegetarian food

Everything else after individual consultation

Transport connections +

To the Ribnitz-Damgarten-West railway station. If you let us know your arrival time in advance, we will pick you up there. For your departure, please let us know the exact departure time of your train at our reception 5 days in advance so that we can drive you to the station on time.

By car
Take the A19/E55 motorway in the direction of Rostock to the Rostock-Ost exit and then take the B105 in the direction of Stralsund. Turn off in Altheide or at the latest in Ribnitz-Damgarten in the direction of Fischland/Darß. Via Wustrow, Ahrenshoop and Prerow you will reach the Baltic Sea resort of Zingst. If you are travelling from Stralsund on the B105, turn off towards Barth in Löbnitz. Follow the main road in Barth and drive via Pruchten and Bresewitz to Zingst.