Sellin Health Clinic

Our mother/father/child clinic is situated in a unique location in the south of Rügen, Germany's largest island. Nature's remedies, such as the clear, low-pollen and iodine-rich Baltic Sea air, the seawater and the mild forest climate, offer the best conditions for your spa treatment.

A breeze of clear, spicy and iodine-containing Baltic Sea air, the mild sea climate and the excellent water quality have an extremely positive effect on allergy sufferers, people with respiratory problems and help to strengthen the immune system. The harmonious interaction of body, mind and soul is to be restored during the cure. The Baltic Sea beach, the active factors of the sea and the climate as a natural remedy ensure an optimal recovery effect and complement our therapy offer.


Sellin Health Clinic
Kurweg 1
18586 Sellin


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List of indications +




Allergological diseases



Respiratory diseases



Dermatological diseases



Orthopaedic diseases



Psychosomatik diseases



Metabolic diseases



Performances +
  • Inpatient prevention and rehabilitation measures according to § 111a SGBV for mothers, fathers and children
  • Recognised as a private hospital in accordance with § 30 GewO
  • Self-payer
Admission of patients +

004938303 90403

004938303 90406

Patient rooms and beds +

Patient room: 122 flats

Patient beds: 306

Equipment of the house +

122 spacious and tastefully furnished flats with shower/WC, telephone with babyphone function, TV, WLAN, balcony or terrace. The rooms are suitable for allergy sufferers. All floors in our houses are accessible by lift.

  • Adventure playground
  • Soccer court and therapy sports field
  • Age-appropriate playrooms
  • Lounge areas in the foyer
  • Recreation rooms with kitchenette and TV
  • Library with games hire
  • fitness room
  • Gymnastics, relaxation and discussion rooms
  • Teaching kitchen
  • Salzarium/Salzini
  • Teen lounge
  • Therapy bath
  • Laundry room (washing machine and tumble dryer)
  • Hydrojet (pressurised water jet massage)
Service and specialities +

Treatments with original Rügen healing chalk in the Salzarium/Salzini or in the infrared therapy room as well as scheduled speciality cures are special features of the Sellin clinic.

From Monday to Friday, children are looked after in age-specific groups. The certified Kneipp children's and youth club is characterised by health education in a structured daily routine. Apart from the holiday period at the home resort, the Sellin health clinic offers homework/schoolwork supervision a maximum of four times a week from Monday to Friday for one hour each. A pick-up and drop-off service accompanies the children to their therapies and brings them back to their groups afterwards.

Patients with care level 2 can be admitted following an admission assessment.

Diagnostics +
  • Exercise ECG
  • ECG
  • Clinical blood and urine laboratory
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Pricktest
  • Ultrasound
Therapy offers +
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Endurance gymnastics
  • Electrotherapy
  • Nutritional advice and training
  • Phototherapy
  • curative education
  • Inhalation/Food
  • Children's Gymnastics
  • Climatotherapy
  • Kneipp applications
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chalk applications
  • Manual therapy
  • Massages
  • Medical baths
  • Nordic Walking
  • Psychomotorics
  • Back school
  • Terrain training for children
  • therapeutically guided discussion groups
  • various movement therapies
  • various relaxation techniques
  • Water gymnastics
Special quality features +

In addition to the outstanding location of our Sellin spa clinic, which is situated in a beech forest just a stone's throw from the Rügen coast, we offer you a number of special features in our mother-child clinic & father-child clinic, such as a certified Kneipp children's and youth centre:

  • Certified Kneipp children's and youth centre (We have also taken responsibility for the health of your child/children in our children's and youth centre and have based health education on the five pillars of Kneipp's teachings).
  • Salzarium & Salzini (In the Salzarium - for adults - and in the Salzini (for children), a pleasant 25 to 26 degrees Celsius and salt mist strengthen the body's defences. They support the healing of various illnesses and at the same time serve to relax).
  • Infrared heat therapy (infrared heat can have a positive effect on many illnesses and can be prescribed as a treatment).
  • Treatments with original Rügen healing chalk (Treatments with our Rügen healing chalk serve on the one hand to prevent health problems and on the other hand to support the treatment of existing health problems).
  • BeKo®: our movement and coordination training (A team of our therapists and colleagues from other clinics in the Parent & Child Clinic Working Group have jointly developed a training concept, BeKo training! The result of the collaboration between sports and physiotherapists, this concept is now an integral part of our therapy prescription).
  • Forest bathing - the short course on forest bathing (the Sellin health clinic utilises the knowledge and experience of «Shinrin Yoku», which originated in Japan, as part of a holistic therapy programme in the nature reserve and biosphere reserve «Die Granitz»)
  • Mindfulness and meditation - the short mindfulness course (classical mindfulness and meditation exercises can be used to find new ways and impulses to achieve inner balance and sustainable health stability).
  • Relaxation exercises and time-outs (During the preventive measure, patients can familiarise themselves with different relaxation techniques in order to rediscover their ability to relax).
Catering +
  • Full diet
  • Bland diet
  • Reduction food
  • Dietary food
  • vegetarian food
Transport connections +

A19 and A20 to Stralsund, continue over the Rügenbrücke, then B96 to Bergen and B196 towards Göhren or behind the Rügenbrücke on the «Deutsche Alleenstraße» via Garz and Putbus towards Göhren

Your destination station is the main railway station in the Baltic seaside resort of Binz; we will be happy to pick you up from there - and take you there again on the day of departure.